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This week's announcement:


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week together!

This week in Room 22

Week of November 28th



5th: We will continue to work on adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers including regrouping. Students will move away from picture models to using numerical operations to find equivalent fractions or regroup specifically regrouping when subtracting mixed numbers. Students will take their test on Friday.

4th: Students will work on making equivalent fractions using models and mathematically. They will also compare and order fractions.



4th grade skill: Students will continue to work on determining the theme of text

5th grade skill: Students will continue to work on using the sequence of events to better understand the events that shape character's motives and interests.



Writing: Students will learn ways to edit and revise their work to make improvements. We will specifically focus on details and introductions.


History:  Explorers of CA (4th) and US (5th)

This week students will begin the second History unit on Explorers.

5th grade: students will learn about Marco Polo and how his exploration and the publication of his exploration encouraged future explorers.

4th grade: Students will learn about Cortez and the first explorers of California.


Science: Our first unit: Earth Science. Students will learn ways to recycle, reuse waste and other ways to help save and protect the environment. Students will create their on-line projects this week.


Health: Health work is done at home. Discussions are held on Friday.

5th: Chapter 3 lesson 4  Consumer Health

4th: Chapter 2 lesson 4  Influences on Food Choices


This Week's News

Monday 11/28: 

Tuesday 11/29: 5th grade library  

Wednesday 11/30: 

Thursday 12/1  Early Dismissal @ 1:30

Friday 12/2 - 


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