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This week's announcement:

5th grade Field trip to CSULB on Friday.


New Testing Homework: See the announcement for more information

This week in Room 22

Week of February 27th



5th: Student will work with decimals to the round decimals and begin to apply operations of adding and subtracting decimals.


4th: Student will work on creating equivalent decimals using fractions as a model so they can compare and order decimals.



4th grade skill: Students will identify cause and effect relationships. 

5th grade skill: Students will work on identifying the main idea and important details to support the main idea of informational text.



Writing: Students will work on writing expository why essays applying what they learned to a prompt identifying the best dog breed.


History:  Explorers of CA (4th) and US (5th)

5th: Student will work on identifying different reasons people came to Jamestown including indentured servitude and slavery and how new cash crops and labor forces lead to the success of the colony.

4th: Students will continue to research the people who lived on the missions and begin to do preliminary research for their individual mission reports.




New Unit: Student will learn about data communication and the transfer of information including the different formats and methods of transferring data.


Health: Health work is done at home. Discussions are held on Friday.

5th: Chapter 7 lesson 2: Communicable Diseases

4th: Chapter 1 lesson 2: Pathogens


This Week's News

Monday 2/27

Tuesday 2/28: 5th grade library  

Wednesday 3/1: 

Thursday 3/2          Early Dismissal @ 1:30

Friday 3/3    5th Grade Fieldtrip to Long Beach State


From Ms. Gomez

Dear Parents,

I want to extend my gratitude for the return of the permission slips for student work submission and video recording for my upcoming Teaching Performance Assessments (TPA). I have just finished week 4 and I am enjoying the daily instruction with the students. They are all wonderful and have created a strong and positive community within the classroom. I had the opportunity this week to teach the 5th graders a lesson on higher education in preparation for their upcoming field trip to Cal State Long Beach. I am happy to say that they had so many questions and wanted to learn more than time permitted! The field trip is a great opportunity to get them thinking and planning out their future. I look forward to the upcoming lessons and interactions with the class. Thank you again and have a wonderful week!

Best Regards,

Ms. Gomez

Testing Homework

Leading up to testing, the students are now expected to take one English Language Arts (ELA) practice test each week and one Math practice test each week. Practice tests are located at the California Assessment of Students Performance and Progress website (CAASPP). Click on the link to get to the website. They then click on the green button on the top row in the middle “Practice & Training Tests”. Then they choose Student Interface Practice and Training Tests.  


Click here to go to the website.

Jiji Math Homework

Dear Parents,

    I will have the computers available to help students after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for 20 minutes after school for students who want extra help or time with Jiji math. I will start Wednesday, January 18.


Students are doing an excellent job of making progress through the curriculum!



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