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The Cleveland Team re-designed our old Applied Technology Magnet (ATM) program to accommodates more students in the computer lab and also features a science lab. This exciting program is called Atlas and includes:


Instructional Technology Lab

Our teachers provide instruction according to California Technology Content Standards to our fourth and fifth graders. Students use simulation software and access the Internet to generate multi-media projects which are aligned with regular classroom instruction. Grades two and three teachers use pre-written lesson plans in the lab with their own classes or have designed their own computer lessons from District training.

C.O.W.'s (Computers On Wheels) These mobile laptops allow the 4th and 5th grade teachers to use technology across every content area. We have 36 new laptop computers with internet access that are wheeled into our 4th and 5th grade classrooms for research, publishing or lesson support. Thank you to our PTA and parents for their help with the fund raising that made this new mobile lab possible.

Publishing Lab

Our K-3 students learn software for primary students which reinforces regular classroom instruction. They are also introduced to simple word processing. 


Science Lab

All classes have the opportunity to learn in our science lab and enjoy hands-on experiments. Thanks to our PTA for their financial support! If you’re interested in volunteering in this lab, please call Mr. Deegan (Room 23) or Mrs. Neff (Room 22).