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Safe and Civil

Cleveland is a Safe and Civil School

We are in year two of program implementation for Safe and Civil Schools. What does this mean for your child? It means that we are in the process of implementing procedures and continuing practices that will now have documentation that provide an environment for our students where they feel safe and are treated with civility. Part of feeling safe means students are aware of the rules, procedures and expectations.

Programs Implemented

Go, Flush, Wash, Leave

This is a program which structures how students access and use the restrooms at school. Students have a procedure for signing out and must walk through the hallways to get to the restroom. They are taught to only use the restrooms for their designed purpose, to wash, throw trash where it belongs and leave. We are very proud of our students for how successful the program has been. The restrooms are clean and there have been no incidences in the restroom this year. Way to go Cleveland students!

Programs in Progress

Operation Lunch

The week of October 22nd we kicked off our lunch program designed to help keep students safe and comfortable during lunch, and keep the lunch area clean. Ten successful days will earn them music during lunch! You can do it Cleveland!

Bully Free Zone

Coming soon......

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