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        Kindergarten is the foundation that develops student's physical, social, emotional and academic skills.  By developing these skills students will acquire the knowledge to be successful life long learners and tomorrow's leaders. 

Our Mission Statement


       We are a group of dedicated teachers who give our students the tools they need to be excited, focused learners.  We motivate our students by creating an affective environment that promotes success academically and socially. 

School Supplies

Cleveland Elementary


2018/19 Supply List

(To Print List Click Supply Link Under Staff Locker to Your Left)



Crayola Thick Washable Markers


Large Glue Sticks


Baby Wipes


Disinfectant Wipes (Lysol or other brand)


8 Count Crayola Large Crayons (Not Jumbo)


Please do not put your child’s name on any of the materials as they will go in a communal supply.


Students will also need a regular-size backpack.  Backpacks with wheels are NOT allowed.



Thank you for your support!

The Kindergarten Team



Contact Catherine Bates  Catherine Bates Teacher Kindergarten
Contact Debbie Deegan  Debbie Deegan Teacher- kindergarten
Contact Jolene Roberts  Jolene Roberts Teacher- kindergarten
Contact Liza VanDyke  Liza VanDyke Teacher grade K/1