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Office and Support Staff

Our Mission Statement

     We are a group of flexible, caring and friendly people with a sense of humor, who enjoy working together as a team.

        We are here for the children and to support parents and staff by being welcoming and approachable.  Parents are supported by communication through bulletins, phone calls, bilingual letters, conferences and parent workshops.  Our team attends sign language classes to help us communicate.  We represent LBUSD and their policies and procedures by attending district meetings and communicating expectations to parents and the community at large.

Office Staff
Contact Lily Tejeda  Lily Tejeda Staff
Contact Cindy von Arx  Cindy von Arx Office Manager

Our Mission Statement

       We are a courteous and friendly staff who strive to be available and dependable to staff, students, and parents.  We are willing to help with anything in order to provide a safe, secure and sanitary environment for children, staff and the community.  To meet our goals we will pay attention to details, be available whenever we are called, think of creative solutions to problems and do our best. 

Custodial Staff
Support Staff
Contact Kids' Club  Kids' Club (562) 425-2258 Kids Club
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